FireStarter Fund Process

Thank you for considering FireStarter Fund as a potential investor in your company.  Please note that we only invest in companies that are:

  • Digital Media & Marketing, Software as a Service, & eCommerce (with a focus on social, mobile and big data)
  • Incorporated in the US.

We are not a traditional venture fund – we are 42 successful entrepreneurs who have come together to help fund the next generation of leading companies. We are a self-managed group and do not have a professional staff, and as such we need your help. In order to facilitate the review process, please concisely provide the following information:

  • Company
    • Name, location, industry sector, years in business
    • Business overview
    • Founders & management
    • Annual revenue, profit/loss last 3 years (if available)
  • Funding
    • Total amount being raised this round
    • Requested investment size from FireStarter Fund
    • Expected closing date
    • Other investors this round
    • Funds raised in prior rounds (if applicable)
    • Investors in prior rounds (if applicable)
    • Attach term sheet (if available)
  • Valuation
    • Proposed pre-money valuation
    • Existing option pool
  • Funding
    • Attach capitalization table
    • Preferred – A, B, etc.
    • Convertible Note
    • Other
  • Board & advisory role
    • Current board members
    • Current board observers
    • Current advisors

To improve your probability of funding success from us, we encourage you to seek out one of the FireStarter Fund members and solicit their support of your deal. We suggest that you target the member most likely to understand your business.  That member will then discuss your company with the other fund members. Alternatively, you can submit the required information directly to